Cisco CBS Series Business Switches

Cisco CBS Business Switches

 Cisco CBS350-48P-4G-UK Switch

cisco cbs350-48p-4g-uk-switch Dubai UAE

Cisco CBS350-48P-4G switch, part of the Cisco Small Business network solutions. Its an affordable managed switches for any small office network.

Cisco CBS350-8S-E-2G Switch

Cisco CBS350-8P-E-2G-UK Dubai UAECisco small Business CBS350-8S-E-2G is am Managed small business Switch with 8 Port 1G SFP and 2x1G Combo uplink. Cisco provides limited Lifetime Hardware Warranty on this switch.

Cisco CBS350-48FP-4G Switch

cisco cbs350-48p-4g-uk-switch Dubai UAECisco business switch CBS350-48FP-4G is a Managed 48-Port Gigabit PoE with 4x1G SFP connectivity. Media Type Supported is  Optical Fiber for SFP ports and CAT 5e, 6 and 7 Twisted Pair cables on copper ports. Total Number of Network Ports including SFP ports is 52.

Cisco Business CBS350-48FP-4G switch is part of the fully managed switch from Cisco in Small business category.

Cisco CBS250-24P-4X-EU Switch

CBS350-24P-4G-UK switches in DubaiCisco Business 250 Series Smart Switches consists a portfolio of affordable switches that provide a reliable foundation for small business networks. Cisco CBS250-24P-4X 28 Ports Manageable Ethernet Switch - 2 Layer Supported - Modular - 195 W PoE Budget - Optical Fiber, Twisted Pair - PoE Ports.

Cisco CBS350-8P-E-2G-UK Switch

Cisco CBS350-8P-E-2G-UK Dubai UAECisco business switch CBS350-8P-E-2G is a member of the Cisco Business Switches Series, featuring a compact design with 8 Gigabit Ethernet PoE+ ports and 2 Gigabit Ethernet uplink ports.

Cisco Business 350 Series Managed Switches provide a reliable foundation for small office networks.

 Cisco CBS350-24P-4G-UK Switch

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Cisco Business CBS350-24P-4G model switches are Managed Switch with 24 Port GE, PoE and 4x1G SFP. This is with Limited Lifetime Protection from Cisco.

Cisco CBS350-24S-S Switch

Cisco CBS350-24S-S switch Dubai UAECisco business switch CBS350-24S is a 24 port Gigabit SFP Managed Switch with 2 Gigabit Copper/SFP Combo and 2 Gigabit SFP Port. This CBS350-24S-4G switch is part of the full managed switch family that delivers reliable and secure communication for small business networks.

Cisco CBS350-24P-4X-E Switch

CBS350-24P-4G-UK switches in DubaiCisco Business CBS350-24P-4X switch is part of the fully managed switch line that delivers reliable and secure connectivity for small business networks.

Specification of the switch as follows. 24 x PoE+ Gigabit Ports. 4 x 10GbE SFP+ Ports. 128 Gb/s Switching Capacity. 95.23 Mpps Forwarding Rate. 512MB RAM. Rack-Mountable Design. 195W Power Budget.

Cisco CBS350-24T-4G-UK Switch

Cisco CBS350-24T-4G-UK Dubai UAECisco CBS350-24T-4G-UK CBS350 24 ports Gigabit with 4 SFP ports. SWITCH PORTS: 24-Port Giga + 4 x 1GE SFP. Key Features. 24 x 1G ports. 4 x 1G SFP; Fan-less design for minimal noise. Internal power supply; Layer 2 switching; VLAN Support.

Specification as follows. 24 x Gigabit Ethernet Ports. 4 x 1GbE SFP Ports. 56 Gb/s Switching Capacity. 41.66 Mpps Forwarding Rate. 800 MHz ARM Processor. 512MB RAM. Rack-Mountable Design. Comprehensive Layer 2 & 3 Features.